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About Us

We started Medhavi to bring back the indigenous craft and weaving techniques to curate them into timeless and contemporary designs. 

Our effort is to create clothes that are functional and can give one their own sense of identity to individuals that wear it. 

We adapt working with different embroidery techniques and our inspiration comes from human expression, art and the seasons around us.

Summer Blush Dress
embroidery motifs

Medhavi uses textiles produced in different parts of the country. We use handloom fabrics which take days to be produced. 

Our end goal is to invoke textiles that fall on skin charily and minimise the polluting effects on the environment.  

Medhavi uses plastic free packaging which is biodegradable. 

Our labels are screen printed from leftover fabrics and we pack our pieces in reusable tote bags which are made from leftover fabrics as well. 

We started with a small team of two tailors and a designer, that is me (Swarnim) and we  hope to get stronger with every passing day.

Designer's note

Swarnim, Founder at Medhavi

Humans are constantly in the world of inluence, In a world where its hard to catch up with trends. Medhavi endeavours to break the cycle and ask people to convey their own vision and style through our clothes.

Learn as you go, one of the supreme sayings I have learned through these years. Through Medhavi, it will be my constant effort to create things that are more relatable and alows individuals to communicate their own stories with it.

I hope Medhavi provides that space and contributes towards everyone’s personal character.

-Swarnim Methani

Founder and Creative Director



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